Turning the pages in the latest issue of Vogue I stumbled upon ruffles!  They highlight how ruffles are being worn in today's fashion, as they say 'these are not your grandmother's ruffles.' The concept of turning an old fashioned style into a modern look is right up my alley!  FARM can help you achieve the ruffle style ... 

In the shop we currently have these three ruffled tops! 

bring it on spring



Spring has arrived in the shop! This new season of clothes comes with me wanting everything! So far, I have brought this top home (yes, I said 'so far' - not going to lie and say this will be all). Come to FARM this weekend to look at the Spring collection and take it back to your home! 


Field Trip


Confession: Never been apple picking! 

Finally crossed that one off my list, and happy to say it will be on the list next Fall. We were trying to wait patiently for a more Fall like setting but decided we could not rely on the forecast. Wandering around the orchard gathering apples does the soul good. And a fresh baked apple cider donut does the appetite good.