Dressing Room Journal

Love this Ella Moss sweater that I got this winter at FARM!! I layered the black and cream colored tanks which are actually Velvet dress slips then threw on a pair of Denim of Virtues! Everything from FARM!! Also have a pair of silver hoop earrings on that are made by gorjana!! 

Love the color of the sleeveless top by Velvet from FARM, perfect for a cloudy day!! The grey cardigan is one of my favorites its nice and lightweight and comfy, also by Velvet. I got the bag right after college love the off white leather. The gold necklace is from FARM that happened to find itself in my stocking this Christmas!!   

Wearing this grandpa cardi from Splendid love it!! Its a great length, also wearing a Splendid tank top, the skirt is something I've had for years not sure from where. All my Splendid is from FARM!

First time wearing the striped tee from Velvet got it in FARM this winter! Suited up with a classic navy blue blazer.

The MVP would have to go to my cowboy boots today. Waking up to a cloudy and somewhat rainy day can only be helped with big comfy wool socks and boots!! TGIF!!